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3.7 Straight Wall

3.7 Straight Wall

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The True Delivery System from American Dental Implant Corp. on Vimeo.

  All implants include:
  • Titanium first stage surgical cover screw
  • Surgical driver (can be used as an impression coping, temporary abutment or final abutment)
  • 0.50"/1.25mm hex fixation screw
  • 0.50"/1.25mm hex driver tool
The color coded driver

The Color-Coded Driver At the time of surgery, it is the True Premounted Delivery System that transports the implant from the sterile package to the osteotomy in one motion. At the prosthetic phase, it can be used as impression coping either closed tray or open (Open tray with the purchase of the Fixation Screw Long). It can be used as a temporary or permanent abutment by removing the square top. It has internal capture thread. This eliminated the possibility of the fixation screw from accidentally falling out when inverted. The Package Implant Color Coded Driver Fixation Screw Cover Screw 0.050”/1.25mm Hex Tool The Fixation Screw It is screw driven by the 0.050”/1.25mm Hex Tool that secures the Color-Coded Driver to the implant. Threads are 1-72-UNF-2B. The Implant The green color code confirms the 3.5 internal hex platform compatible with Zimmer, Screw Vent and others. It is offered in RBM or HA surfaces. The Cover Screw At the time of surgery, the screw is pre-mounted to the 0.050”/1.25mm Hex Driver to permit the safe and efficient delivery and threading to complete the surgical phase.

The 3.7 Straight Wall Implant 11.5MM Length