The Benefits of a Mini Implant with Full Prosthetic Versatility in a Congenitally Missing Lateral Incisor Case

missing-lateral-3American Dental Implant Corporation has designed and developed the ideal mini implant. The Skinny 2.4 is the perfect addition to every implantologist’s armamentarium. Incorporating the original internal hex restorative platform for prosthetic versatility, the threads of the Skinny are specifically machined for narrow ridge and compromised bone situations. With attention to the structural stress points of the accepted and historically tested geometry of the original internal hex implant design, the Skinny does not compromise strength. By any quantitative parameter, there is a rationale for having a Skinny 2.4 on hand for every implant surgery.

The fundamental difference between the Skinny 2.4 and other mini implants is the full range of prosthetic versatility that the Skinny offers. The advantages of having a Skinny on hand are myriad. Most importantly, in many bony anatomies, the underlying volume of bone is impossible to accurately and predictably determine at the exact preferred location of implant placement. Despite the best of preplanning and the advancements of bone grafting techniques and materials, many receptor sites do not have the anticipated bony topography.

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