Implant Parts Detail

Made in the USA

American Dental Implant Corporation was conceived as an alternative to the over-priced and over-hyped international conglomerates that have taken over implantology in the U.S. The manufacturing, processing, packaging and sterilization that produced those products, are now available from ADI but without the bloated corporate costs and is completely and proudly … Continue Reading →

Precision Machining

Manufacturing surgical implantable devices is not a simple process. ADI utilizes the processes, techniques and machinery that have produced hundreds of thousands of dental implants. With a manufacturing precision of 0.0001” of concentricity, ADI meets or exceeds every standard of precision in the industry. All Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines … Continue Reading →

Sterile Processing

Decades of development of protocol ensure the practitioner a finished product that meets or exceeds every standard in the industry. ADI incorporates standard operating procedures (SOP) developed over 25 years.

Quality Assurance

To offer the product with the highest standards, ADI’s quality system conforms to QS 9000, AS9000, the FDA’s Quality System Requirements (QSR) and ISO 9002.

The Ideal Delivery System

ADI offers the only true pre-mounted implant and cover screw. No other implant company provides a true delivery from the sterile package to the osteotomy in one motion. Even the first stage surgical cover screw is packaged to be transferred from the sterile vial to the implant in one motion.

Scanning Electron Microscopic Analysis

MPT Surface The MPT surface (MicroPorous Technology) is clearly illustrated with SEM analysis. Note the pristine surface and uniform pore size. HA Surface The HA Coating at 100 power showing the ideal crystalline phase and the ideal uniform application of the coating.